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Frequently Asked DUI Questions in Alabama

Providing valuable DUI information in Huntsville

A DUI arrest or conviction can present unique challenges that affect how your case proceeds through the legal system. If you have questions about your DUI case, we can give you the information and guidance you need to strive for a favorable outcome. At Sree B. Ravi, P.C., Attorney at Law we value communication and work to build a solid relationship with our clients. To assist you in understanding Alabama DUI law, below is a list of frequently asked DUI questions:

Contact a reputable Northern Alabama DUI law firm to ensure that your case is handled properly

Sree B. Ravi, P.C., Attorney at Law focuses on our clients’ specific needs and works diligently to give you the peace of mind that you did everything possible to achieve the best results. Call us at 256-937-1540 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our Huntsville location to discuss your case.

Should I fight my DUI charge?

Each DUI arrest involves its own set of circumstances. It is important to understand the applicable laws and evaluate the actions of law enforcement personnel carefully to determine if your arrest was lawful. An experienced DUI lawyer can help you analyze the facts of your case and develop a workable strategy for you.

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Do I automatically lose my license when I get arrested for DUI?

Under Alabama law, police officers can take your license away at the time of arrest. You have 10 days to request a hearing to prevent the suspension process. You must consult a lawyer immediately to ensure that you comply with all legal guidelines and make the best attempt at keeping your license.

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If my license is suspended, can I get a license to drive to work?

No. Alabama does not offer restricted or hardship licenses to drivers with a suspended or revoked license. During your suspension, you will be unable to drive, regardless of your intended destination.

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How long will it take to resolve my case?

A majority of DUI cases are handled at municipal or district courts in front of a judge. This process can be fairly quick. However, felony DUI offenses go directly to circuit court and may take longer to resolve.

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What happens if I’m arrested for DUI and I refuse to take a Breathalyzer test?

Alabama’s implied consent law mandates that all drivers take a chemical test to determine the level of drugs or alcohol in their system. Refusal to submit to a blood, urine or breath test results in an automatic 90-day license suspension and can also lead to jail time.

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What is the effect of a DUI on my insurance?

DUI convictions will likely have significant negative effects on your auto insurance. Insurance companies often cancel policies or rewrite policies to incorporate astronomical premiums. High-risk insurance is often costly and prevents many drivers from being able to afford coverage.

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How do I know if the police followed the law during my arrest?

An important part of analyzing your DUI case is evaluating the actions of law enforcement personnel before, during and after your arrest. An experienced lawyer can examine whether you were stopped, searched, questioned and arrested according to the law. If your rights were violated, you may be able to have your DUI charge dismissed.

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