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After a divorce, your family may face several financial and emotional obstacles. At Sree B. Ravi, P.C., Attorney at Law, we help you work through your divorce challenges and create a fair and reasonable plan that works for your family. A child’s best interests are paramount when developing a divorce decree and the accompanying child support arrangements. We focus our practice on our clients’ needs and go the extra mile to do what’s best for you and your family.

Can I receive child support after my divorce?

In Alabama, either parent may be required to pay child support. If one parent has sole physical and legal custody, it is likely that the other parent will be required to pay the support. However, when parents share joint custody, the court uses a specific formula to construct an appropriate child support order. In some cases, the custodial parent is required to pay child support to the noncustodial parent. Child support is paid until the child reaches the age of majority. In some cases, a support order may provide for extended payments to cover additional expenses, such as a college education.

How is child support calculated?

Alabama uses the Income Shares model to calculate a reasonable and fair amount of child support after a divorce or separation. The court estimates the amount of support that would have been given to the children had the parents remained married. Using the Child Support Worksheet, there are several factors that may be considered when creating a child support order, such as:

  • The parents’ combined income
  • Each parent’s percentage of the combined gross income
  • Preexisting alimony or child support orders
  • The number of children in the family under the age of 19
  • The amount necessary to cover a child’s health insurance
  • Work-related childcare expenses

The guidelines are presumed accurate unless the parents are able to negotiate a written agreement using a different amount that outlines the reasoning behind the proposed support amount. Alabama law delineates several situations in which a deviation from the standard guidelines may be permitted, including extraordinary transportation costs borne by one parent, unearned income received on behalf of the child and college expenses incurred before the age of majority.

What options do I have if I need to enforce or modify an existing child support order?

Each county in Alabama has a child support enforcement office that is responsible for helping families with all of their child support needs. If your former spouse is not complying with the court’s child support order, there are several available methods of enforcement:

  • Income withholding
  • Reporting the offender to credit bureaus
  • Certifying debts for income tax deductions
  • The Federal Passport Denial, Revocation or Restriction Program
  • Liens
  • License suspension or revocation
  • Federal prosecution
  • IRS collections

Modifications to existing orders may also be applicable in your case. The child support enforcement office automatically reviews support orders every 36 months. However, in the event of a significant medical crisis or substantial change in financial circumstances, you may submit a written petition asking for an adjustment. Following a court hearing, a judge will make a modification determination, unless each parent can agree on the terms of a new support order. An experienced family lawyer can guide you through this process and give you the information you need to make the best decisions for your family.

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