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Following a divorce, your future may seem uncertain and daunting. Alimony, often referred to as spousal maintenance, is designed to help you recover from the financial effects of a divorce and provide the resources you need to begin your life without your former spouse. Our firm handles numerous divorce cases involving spousal maintenance, and we give you the information you need to understand the potential support issues that may arise in your case. Sree B. Ravi, P.C., Attorney at Law can protect your interests and help you maintain your lifestyle.

How is alimony awarded in Alabama?

Spousal maintenance is only awarded when there is a legitimate, proven need,  and the court only awards alimony if the paying party has the ability to pay. An experienced family lawyer analyzes the facts of your case and determines whether spousal support is applicable. The categories of alimony are:

  • Alimony in gross — Alimony in gross is a modifiable lump-sum payment that becomes permanent 30 days after a final divorce decree is entered. This is a nontaxable award that is not eliminated if the recipient remarries.
  • Periodic alimony — The court may award alimony that is paid out over time. Periodic alimony generally continues until the recipient remarries or begins living with another person. It also ceases upon the death of either party. This type of alimony is tax deductible by the payer and is reported as income by the recipient.
  • Rehabilitative alimony — The court may determine that one party gave up certain opportunities during the marriage, such as foregoing additional education in favor of working in the home or caring for children. In this case, the party may be entitled to receive support while obtaining additional education or training necessary to get a job.

What factors does the court consider when calculating alimony?

The court first determines the needs of one party and the ability to pay of the other party. Courts usually only award alimony when one spouse has been dependent on the other. If one spouse is at fault for the divorce, the court may award less money as a penalty for the conduct. In determining an appropriate amount of spousal support, the court considers the following, among other factors:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The earning potential and future employability of each party
  • The health and age of each party
  • The value and type of marital property
  • The conduct of each party
  • Who is at fault for the dissolution of marriage

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Our goal at Sree B. Ravi, P.C., Attorney at Law is to do whatever is necessary to help you recover from your divorce and ensure that you have what you need for a successful future. Call us at 256-937-1540 or contact us online for a consultation. Our main office is conveniently located in Huntsville.


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